Hire A Towing Company That Knows How to Tow Motorcycles


Do you know that feeling when you’re enjoying a road trip on your motorcycle and it breaks down in the middle of nowhere? We know that can be a big issue. If you’re ever stuck in that situation, consider hiring a 24-hour tow truck company that tows motorcycles.

Responsibilities of Motorcycle Riders:

When it comes to riding motorcycles, one of the things you have to have is a backup plan. In case your motorcycle breaks down, it would be good to have a tow truck company that you can call any time and any place. Being prepared for any situation means being prepared to spend some money in case of emergency.

Having a motorcycle means preparing yourself for breakdowns. Also, it’s good to know if the motorcycle you have is for long distances. The problem with some motorcycles is that they aren’t built to travel long distances. It’s always good to have a tow truck company in your pocket to ensure that you’re prepared should anything happen on the road.

Tips for Hiring A Motorcycle Tow Truck Company:

  • Know Your Towing Procedures: There is power in knowing which towing procedure works best with the build of your motorcycle. There are three types of towing procedures:
  1. Flatbed Towing- This is the most common bike towing procedure, the bike is strapped in and secured with a frame on the bed to keep the bike steady while being transported back to the shop.
  2. Two-wheel Towing: This is considered the perfect method of transporting motorbikes because it’s the most effective. The mechanism is that you have tow dollies with two wheels where you secure your bike.
  3. Towing Cradles: This isn’t as popular as the two, and is more commonly used for bicycles. It is otherwise known as “bike trailer hitches.” It’s a simple technique, because you just attach a trailer to the vehicle’s rear and then connect the front of the bike to the trailer.
  • Choose A Towing Company That You Know: This is better if you already have one in mind. If you don’t, then you can always ask for recommendations from friends and fellow motorcyclists. You can always check online reviews, to check how they do with people you don’t know.
  • Check Their Official Website: In the digital age, it would be strange if a towing company doesn’t have a website. This is one way you can see their work, as well as the reviews left on their site.
  • Make Sure Your Motorcycle is Insured: Sometimes, it can be difficult to avoid accidents. If your bike gets damaged by the company, make sure you have your insurance papers ready. If the bike is not insured, then you might want to inquire if the towing company can reimburse the money spent for repairs.


Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere at night is quite the dilemma. We suggest that you look into hiring a 24-hour tow truck company that tows motorcycles.