Best Local Joints to Eat at Texas

Best Local Joints to Eat at Texas

When you think of Texas and food, the first thing that would probably come to your mind is rednecks and burgers. Though that is right in some way, let’s steer away from the stereotypes because not only will it make you close-minded, but it will also prevent you from trying new things. Especially the food that is present here in the Lone Star State. You would be surprised at the amount of high-quality food you can really get in this great state. So to help you out, here are some of the best local joints to eat in Texas. 

La Kiva(Terlingua) 

Here’s a crazy thought, have you ever thought about what life was like when cavemen were still around? Well, if it has, you would probably also be thinking about what kind of food they were eating then, right? So to answer your questions, you have the chance to actually experience how they ate at La Kiva. Here, the food is simple yet really tasteful. They’re made that way to re-imagine what it was like eating during prehistoric times. You can find this one of a kind restaurant west of the Ghost Town Terlingua. You’ll know the place is right with its unique opening and bumpy rock ceilings. 

Larry Bruce Gardens(Kennard) 

Now, if you’re looking for something more healthy and fresh, then look no further than at Larry Bruce’s Garden. The owner’s Larry and Sara Bruce had a hobby of planting and taking care of vegetables. So one day, they thought, why not try and open up a restaurant that has some of the freshest food you will ever taste. It may not be as big and stuffy as a steak, but it’s the right amount of veggies that should get you going throughout your day. 

Fort Griffin General Merchandise Restaurant (Albany)

Now, how about we keep that trend of going back in time going? Have you ever thought about being a cowboy one time? Experience the old western ways and how they ate? Well, look no further than Fort Griffin General Merchandise Restaurant. Outside, it may not look like much and you might even miss it if you hadn’t read this blog. But inside, you’ll see a thriving restaurant serving some of the best burgers, steaks, and seafood, this side of Texas. So if being a cowboy is one of your dreams, then head on over here. 


Texas is a huge state, with a very distinct history. It was a land that was fought over and over and over and over. So because of that, a lot of it has mixed cultures deep within its roots. And that applies not only to the people that live here but also to our food. We’ve barely even scratched the surface of the different delicious restaurants you can eat in here. But it would be better if you were to experience it yourself. Texas is a huge state, so when you’re here, you better grab a huge steak to go along the way as well.