riding a motorcycle with a friend

Why Motorcycle Travel With two People is the BestWhy Motorcycle Travel With two People is the Best

Riding motorcycles alone are the best escape from reality, and the easiest way to clear your mind. It can be even better to ride with someone else! Almost every rider has an opinion on whether riding solo or with a riding buddy is better.

There is room for solo and couple riding in our lives, but I think that motorcycle travel with just two people is best. When you have a really good riding buddy, the ride becomes a team effort. If you find yourself in a bad situation, you learn quickly that two people can solve problems much better than just you, if you had been alone. Plus after a long day of riding, it’s nice to have someone to talk about it with over a good meal.


If you are lacking some motivation to leave the comfort of your bed, making a plan to go out with a friend is a sure way to make sure you get out of the house. Knowing how flakey you will look if you stand up your friend is one of the best ways to kick yourself into gear and go do something productive.

You don’t have to navigate.

Your friend invited you to a destination they’ve already picked out? Excellent, just concentrate on the riding and don’t worry about having to take any of the blame if you guys get lost. On the other hand, when you are the one navigating then you have someone who you can ask for a second opinion on directions- or at least another person to get lost with.  

Safety Reasons.

If you fall off of your bike or get in an accident, you aren’t left to fend for yourself with another person there. In that same vein, you will also have someone who is able to look out for you.  It’s also easier for drivers to see a cyclist on the road when there is more than one.

Sharing expenses.

Whether its a hotel, campsite, or you’re switching off on who pays the restaurant tab, there is economy in numbers. At the gas station, it’s also nice to have someone pay a pump for the two of you to share because it makes your time there much faster, just make sure you pay for the next tank you split!

They clear the way.

Maybe there’s something on the road that you wouldn’t be too happy if you were to hit it- if you ride behind your partner then you have way less a chance of being the one to hit it- the first time at least.


It’s fun to about your experiences riding, but it’s even more fun to have shared those experiences with someone else. Sharing experiences is the biggest reason to have a riding buddy. Riding motorcycles can build the bond the two of you share and the only thing better than sharing stories about your adventures riding, is being able to talk to another person who was there.


Riding with someone who is a more seasoned rider can help you learn the etiquette of riding in groups.


There is always someone there to help you pick up your tipped motorcycle, or to offer a second opinion on that strange noise coming from your bike. You also have someone to assist you during repairs. You may also have someonw who can provide you with a free tow truck or tow service if your bike breaks down. Maybe they’re carrying snacks if you’re hungry, an extra water bottle, or a charger if your phone is dying. As a new rider, friends more experienced at riding a motor cycle can help you learn how to be a better rider.


If you share this hobby with a friend or significant other, then there’s no question about what to get them for their birthdays or Christmas, because you know you can’t go wrong with hitting up your local motorcycle store and get them some gear!

Pushes you to try new things.

Riding with someone else can allow you to push your limits and try new experiences you wouldn’t usually try if you were by yourself or alone. The same applies to places, maybe they know of a really great destination that you wouldn’t have thought of going to if you were alone.